Buying New Construction

New Construction Questionnaire

We have put together a list of questions to help you articulate your vision for your new home.

As you go through these questions, keep a few things in mind:

Dream BIG, then scale back.
Don’t be afraid to think about and describe what your “perfect world” would be like. As things move forward you can adjust these ideas to the budget, zoning, timeframe, land, and other realities.

Separate the "needs", "wants", "dreams", and "don't wants".
The needs in your home you cannot live without. The wants in your home are realistic and easily obtainable. The dreams for your home are more difficult to achieve and require immense resources. The things you don’t want in your home are equally important to imagining your home’s image

Rank your desired features in order of importance.
This may help you make difficult concessions later.

If a question is not relevant to your situation, just skip it.

1. General Info
2. Logistics
3. Floorplan
4. Style/Design
5. Lifestyle